Sunday, May 27, 2012

What is ZNZ?

This program promises that you will not pay any money out of pocket and can start your own "business" in as little as a half hour.After you become eligible you will be able to earn up to multiple payments into your PayPal account of $95 every day.
How the Program Zip Nada Zilch Works:
The whole idea behind this program is to join trial periods for certain items for free or a small cost of only a few dollars. You can keep the product or cancel before the trial ends so you will not be charged anything. Is there any catch? A credit card is required for most programs. Also, you must remain in the trial period for at least 80% of the time. For example, if the trial period runs for 10 days, you must remain in the program for at least 8 days before cancelling if you decide the product isn't for you.
However, remember when I said you won't have out of pocket costs to start? Some are Free. && the Others...That is because, although you may pay a small cost of $2 or $4for the trial period item, your sponsor will reimburse you, or give you a bonus of, $15 within 24 hours after you become eligible and earn your1.0 credit at Zip Nada Zilch, thus bringing your start up costs to $0and no out of pocket costs to you.
Products Available for Free Trial:
There are dozens of products available to try for "free." I decided to try Magic Jack, for a free credit report and score, a website hosting company, a gaming site (Fun Pass), Block Buster, NetFlix... and a couple other things. It was a bit more than I expected to get to my 1.0 credit, but it didn't even cost me $10, so I actually made $5 profit before I even began getting referrals to Zip Nada Zilch.
There are products for weight loss, television, phone, and other telecommunications products, magazine subscriptions, and much more, so there is bound to be something of interest for everyone.
Who Can Be Eligible?
The program is eligible to anyone who completes 1.0 credit at the Zip Nada Zilch site. We have ZNZ ONE && ZNZ BIGCASH. There are some other requirements as well: you must live in the United States, Canada, or United Kingdom to participate in payments from Zip Nada Zilch. At this time it is not available internationally. Also you can be 16+ years of Age to start working for znz.
How Do I Get My Payments?
You actually have to do a good deal of advertising to refer others.Each time you refer someone and they successfully complete their 1.0credit, you will receive your $20 payment from ZNZ ONE, && Receive an additional $75 for ZNZ BIGCASH. You also have monthly Bonuses! Then, you pay your referral $15 to cover any expenses they may have incurred. You will make $95 per referral. This is unlimited. If you refer one person each week, you will earn $95 a week from this program. If you're able to refer 10 people a week, you will earn $950 each week. Refer more to earn more.
ZNZ often has specials where they pay more per referral. For example, each referral paid out $84 in August 2011 and in September 2011 each one is worth $78, Now As of May 2012 ZNZ pays each referral $95.
How Easy is it to Refer People? Do You Really Receive Miracle Money Daily??
That all depends. If you refer a couple people each day, you will certainly receive daily payments. If you're great at internet marketing, you will likely do well with this program. You need to give it lots of exposure in a competitive environment. There are dozens of online opportunities. Many people create a capture page to let the potential referral opt in to receive more information about the program. This also allows the sponsor to send helpful emails and to check in on all their referrals.
The program offers marketing advice and an easy template for your own website to use(Like Mine) :). There is a website concept called "Online Payday System" or "Global Domains International" that gives you a few options and makes everything very simple with plenty of instructions and support.
You can promote this program anywhere, from traffic exchanges to paid-to-read programs to free classifieds and more. The list is almost endless. You can choose free advertising or paid advertising, whatever you find most effective is your own preference.
I chose free advertising and have used traffic exchanges, free classifieds, and a few other resources. I have had many referrals because I post my ads & follow up. The program is great because there really is no cost to start and you can earn almost unlimited income, but gaining referrals is easy if you follow the training guide provided by your sponsor. GET STARTED RIGHT NOW!

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