Friday, May 11, 2012

Empower Network Breakthrough Comp Plan Training

Most people have a hard time making money in network marketing because, quite frankly, their compensation plan sucks.
As you may or may not yet know, I am a total “commission snob”.  I have been working 100% commission programs since mid-2010 and there is a reason.
Empower Network pays out all the money to it’s members.   This makes it far easier on you.  Does that mean you success if guaranteed?  Of course not, don’t be a doofus!  But it does make it way easier for you.
Here is a replay of the Empower Network LiveStream broadcast of 3.13.2012, where Dave delivers an excellent training on the compensation plans and how this all works together and solves the mystery about why you have been having so much trouble making money, as well as the real solutions.

Watch Live Stream

The time to get in is now.  All barriers have been removed.  We are now live in 174 countries.  100% commissions.  Record-setting growth and we are just now hitting momentum. The only thing stopping you from having what you want is you.  You are the cause.   All that is left is for you to make a decision to stop sitting on the sidelines and to make something happen.  We have made it as easy as it’s ever going to get for you here at Empower Network.
Be sure to take the time to review my Empower Network Team Resources page, then get in now.


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