Sunday, October 21, 2012

What would you do if...........?

What do you do if you have faith in the people running a company but not truly sure the direction the company is going in is going to work?

I have been involved in internet/affiliate/attraction marketing for some odd 26 years now. A long time I know. I started when I was five! No really! One of the opportunities I am involved in has a remarkable vision, truly noble. I will stay vague I'm sorry but I think I am writing this for therapeutic reasons so bear with me please. Now like I said the vision is wonderful, looks fab on paper but in practice its not working out. Been back and forth to the drawing board a few times over issues. People dont have the work ethic that will take to make it work. In practice everyone works together and we all make a nice income. But the human condition is such that when one starts something new, like the first day of school, you sharpen your pencils, dress nice, have the best intentions and you're "all in" for the first month, but then you miss one day of work.............. One day turns into a couple, a couple turns into weeks, three months later you remember you are part of this company and have seen no income and reach out to find out what happened. Well what happened? You weren't plugged in right? You didn't do your part, yet you are thinking you need to have made something, anything. Well no! That's not how it works. If you don't show up to your hourly or salaried position will you get paid? NOT! Will you even still have a job? Definitely NOT! SO why is it supposed to hold true because you work virtually? Beats me.

So I put this out there to everyone. What would you do in my position, if the people that you work with and are your "upline" the founders have true good intentions, if you've seen them cry and struggle to make it work, but it just doesn't gel the way they intended. What would you do if you have to always keep a positive attitude as a leader but want to say look this is not going to go over well,but I have some ideas, but are afraid of sounding as if you are questioning their decisions? What would YOU do?

Disclaimer: This piece is not referring to any opportunity on my blog**********

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