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Celebrities and Their Bizarre Endorsements

Bizarre Celebrity Endorsements
Bizarre Celebrity Endorsements - Shove enough money in front of a celebrity and you just might be able to get them to endorse anything, -- no matter how non-glamorous the product or how tenuous the connection between it and the star.

Never one to pass up a promotional opportunity, who is kim kardashian dating, Kim Kardashian once endorsed a product that may seem surprising... until you remember which of her body parts made her famous. She cut the ribbon at the grand opening of an, ahem, "office" where this product is used. kim kardashian charmin toilet paper, who is kim kardashian dating,Kim Kardashian to do crazy things for self-promotion. She went ahead and launched a New toilet. Kim Kardashian attending the opening of Charmin toilets.

Kardashian really does have no shame, nor limits to what she deems an acceptable product to lend her name to. Pretending that I’m not swelling with pride at having just wiped my backside with the same star-studded brand, all I really have to add is Kardashian is fully-clothed. And there are no shots of her sitting on the toilet making number one or two.

Though, one would assume opening something like the 5th Annual Charmin Restrooms in New York City would require just that. Not that I want to see pictures of Kardashian pooping, mind you. Just saying. I remember seeing Joey Fatone, formerly of NSync, doing this a few years back, and feeling really sorry for him that his career was such a mess. I guess shilling for ass paper pays better than I thought. Pictures of Kardashian cutting the Charmin ribbon are below.

Canada's little moneymaker Justin Bieber has found a great many ways to squeeze money out of his adoring fans. And given that his followers are largely female, his marketing opportunities aren't always the most masculine.. justin bieber nail polish, justin bieber most charitable, justin bieber tour tour dates 2012,

Not to be outdone by her daughters, Kris Jenner has lent her face to more than a few products. But one hygiene brand stands out as being less glamorous -- though more practical! -- than most Kardashian family efforts. kris jenner poise bladder leak, whoopi goldberg poise commercial, kris jenner music video,

Ozzy Osbourne has had two distinct phases in his life. First, he was the screamy, Devil-invoking rocker, and then he was the mumbly, fumbly patriarch of his squabbling reality show family. Which one made him a candidate to endorse this everyday food product? Good question.ozzy osbourne i can't believe it's not butter,

One-woman masquerade ball Lady Gaga makes a point of standing out. In fact, her dedication to weirdness makes it strange that she wound up endorsing a product that's such an embodiment of Americana. lady gaga polaroid, gaga new year's eve kiss,

When you consider what an entrepreneur 50 Cent has been, it's maybe not so surprising that he's now endorsing a major brand. But when you consider that this particular product is beloved by yoga pants-wearing yuppie moms, the association is a little weird. 50 cent vitamin water, who is 50 cent dating,

Though she's remained in shape well into her 50s, Jamie Lee Curtis didn't worry about her sex appeal when she signed on to endorse a product with an... um... "productive" result. jamie lee curtis activia yogurt, jamie lee curtis activia parody,

You may have seen the commercial where Shannen Doherty dresses up as a chef, a nurse, a CSI investigator, a "technologist" and a... flapper? Why did she do that commercial, anyway? shannen doherty education connection, +shannen doherty red carpet,

Think about all the commercial tie-ins that could be made with The Black Eyed Peas frontman will.i.am. There are sound systems, headphones, music software... peas, I guess. But none of those are the deal that will.i.am landed. will.i.am intel, black eyed peas breaking up,

Ke$ha had tried her best to popularize the whole "lady pirate who slept in a dumpster" look, so the fact that she'd get associated with a product that usually has hygienic associations is just plain odd. Ke$ha lifestyles condoms,

What products might you associate with Helen Mirren? Classic British tea, perhaps? Maybe a line of clothes for the senior citizen who still likes to look sexy? Well, what about video games? Because that's one deal she scored. helen mirren wii fit,

Legendary for his prowess in the boxing ring, muhammad ali roach traps, Muhammad Ali at one point became the spokesperson for a certain product. Like Ali, it aims to defeat opponents, just not with punches... muhammad ali roach traps,

As the slender host of "Top Chef," a show that prizes expert cooking, Padma Lakshmi is probably the last celebrity you'd expect to endorse this particular company... especially since the commercial showed her being an absolute slob. padma lakshmi carls jr, padma lakshmi carls jr, padma lakshmi singing in glitter,

A band as long-lived as Kiss surely has had its share of promotional opportunities. But it was only recently that Gene Simmons and his bandmates signed on for the strangest tie-in yet. kiss coffins, gene simmons married,

Better known for cracking jokes than the activity associated with this product, comedian Niecy Nash nonetheless volunteered her services as a spokesperson for this unglamorous household appliance. Even more surprising, Nash was doing it for a very charitable cause. niecy nash world toilet organization , raineesha reno 911, niecy nash dancing with the stars,

Football great Joe Namath doubtlessly had the opportunity to stamp his name on various products, so you have to wonder what motivated him to go with a product intended specifically for women. joe namath beautymist pantyhose, joe namath quarterback,

Regardless of what you might do with your later career, when you're a founding member of "Saturday Night Live," people expect comedy from you. That's maybe why Dan Aykroyd's fans were so surprised that he associated himself with a product that seems rather macabre. dan aykroyd crystal head vodka,

Here's the story of a lovely lady who for years has touted the effectiveness of a certain product aimed at older Americans. Here's the weird part, though: Florence Henderson doesn't use the product in question. +florence henderson polident denture cleanser , +florence henderson polident,

As a result of their longstanding beef with Mark Zuckerberg and their portrayal in "The Social Network," twins Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss have become media celebrities in their own right. They even lampooned their Facebook woes in a commercial for snack food. winklevoss twins wonderful pistachios, winklevoss twins rowing,

No, it's not vitamins or Fruity Pebbles that we're calling attention to here. Back in the day, Fred Flintstone gave an on-air endorsement to a product that cartoon characters are legally banned from endorsing today. My, how times have changed since the days of Bedrock. fred flintston winston cigarettes, fred flintstone winston cigarettes, censored classic cartoons,

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